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The main goal of Keren’s Nursery is to provide a safe, warm and loving environment in which children can develop vital cognitive and social skills, where they will be encouraged to express themselves creatively through fun activities. We utilise a variety of activities to accomplish this goal, to include: free play, reading, arts and crafts, music/singing, dancing, dramatic play and puzzles.

We have a variety of resources readily available to the children based on their specific age and stage of development. Tactile and sensory projects are a part of Keren’s Nursery basic program.  We utilise a variety of experiences each day. These experiences range from looking for bugs in the outdoors to helping prepare lunch in the kitchen. They may also include small chores, like watering plants, baking cookies and cakes, clearing the table after meals etc. Studies have shown that these types of activities nurture a sense of well being and belonging in children, and contribute dramatically towards the development of self-esteem and independence.

The children, regardless of their age, will participate in a year-round daily curriculum. This will include a variety of activities and themes ranging from colours, body parts, names of objects and 3D art and craft projects, games, songs, finger plays, storytelling, creative dramatics, exercises, science and much more.

Some of the projects will be taken home to share with family, and others will be ones that you can ask about. The goal is to have fun and provide extra learning stimulation for the children.  It will not be a rigorous academic program as young children still learn best through play and from participating in and observing the environment around them.

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