Corona Virus Update 8pm: March 12th 2020

Dear Parents

Having seen the press conference held by the PM I am happy to first declare that our nursery will continue to operate as usual.

It is possible that in the future, maybe near future, there will be a decision to close all educational settings. If that does happen, we have provisional plans in place to continue providing childcare in other creative ways so that our children will continue receiving the education and care they require in order to reach their full potential. This is our goal and commitment. We will discuss these alternative plans if and when it becomes relevant.

Currently, the relevant new instructions are geared towards treating flu-like symptoms as a potential coronavirus infection.

This means that from now, all nursery staff, parents and children must go into a 7 days home isolation if they have any flu-like symptoms such as a cough, a temperature of 37.8 and above etc. We will enforce this instruction across the board to include all our nursery teaching and support staff.

We ask that you adhere to this new instruction and make sure you keep your child at home in any sign of a flu symptom. If you or anyone else who drops off or collects your child develops flu-like symptoms, we kindly ask you to arrange for someone else (we will need advance confirmation of that person’s identity to release your child to their custody) to drop off and collect your child during the 7 days home isolation. Please do not send your child to the nursery if they are unwell as you will be putting the rest of the children, staff, and parents in unnecessary risk.

Our staff may call you to come and collect your child if they decide that they are too unwell to attend nursery, this is something that is done as a regular measure. However, this will now also lead to an exclusion from the nursery and home isolation of 7 days if the child who is unwell is found to display flu symptoms. We ask you to respect such a decision by the nursery and adhere to these strict instructions.

At the moment, having a person in self-isolation in your home does not require all members of the household to self-isolate as well. However, according to the PM this measure may well come into force in the next few weeks.

I would like to reiterate and emphasise the massive importance of personal hygiene in and around the nursery. All arrivals into the nursery must wash their hands with water and soap before accessing the children’s classrooms. Using Alcogel is not an acceptable replacement anymore as it is not as effective and we do not have enough of it for such use.

On the nursery level, we are and will continue to maintain a very safe environment using measures such as frequent hand washing and cleaning of all high traffic hand touching areas like stair handrails, door handles etc. We have also removed activities that have been identified as a high risk of spreading the virus. These include all play sand activities, all playdough activities and some modifications to finger painting activities where we only allow single-use rather than a shared activity. We do not allow shared activities relating to non-cooked or baked food such as making fruits salads.  There is no impact on our cooking and baking activities (cookies, challah, etc.) which are baked in the oven for temperatures exceeding 180 degrees.

As always, we will continue to update you with any news relating to the above and we are here to answer any questions you may have during this complex time.

With All Kindest Regards!

Assaf Ben Ezra

Managing Director

Keren’s Nurseries