Coronavirus Update 9th March 2020

Dear Parents,

As the Coronavirus keeps spreading through England, we understand that some of you are concerned and you have approached us with questions. We encourage you to continue to do so if you have any kind of concern of worry.

We want to reassure you that the nursery is taking every necessary step to reduce risk to our children and families. We receive daily updates from the Local Authority, the NHS and Public Health England and we follow their recommendations.

As explained in the email we sent our yesterday, we have decided to ask any child or staff member to self-isolate if they are in close contact with family members (i.e. siblings, partners) who themselves are currently self-isolating as a result of having been in direct contact with someone who has tested positive for Coronavirus.

Advice is that as soon as the family member’s test comes back as negative, or they have passed the 14-day period symptom-free, the child or member of staff will be able to come back to nursery straight away.

In addition to that, we ask that you kindly let us know of any planned travel soon, including during the April break. Please give us details of the country you plan to visit, flight dates (inbound and outbound), the airport(s) you will be using and specific cities you might be in. This will enable us to act appropriately and offer advice and support, should any updates be sent out concerning the areas you are visiting.

Regarding our Hygiene Policy, we are holding a Management Meeting tomorrow morning to discuss appropriate action plans. These will be communicated to the PTA during our meeting on Friday morning. They will, in turn, send the information to all parents.

At the moment, we are paying extra attention to our daily cleaning and we have increased the frequency with which we disinfect toys, furniture, door handles, handrails, etc.

Starting tomorrow morning, we kindly ask all parents and carers who enter the nursery to wash their hands in the downstairs toilet sinks, with warm water and soap. We understand that the process might be tedious, and children might not have the patience to wait, however, we insist on this for the safety of our children, families, and staff.

To make this easier to manage, we are trying to source antibacterial hand gel to have at the door, however, this has become widely unavailable due to the epidemic of Coronavirus.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience throughout this!

Kind regards,

Keren’s Nursery