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Raising Independent Children

Developing and encouraging independence in the early years’ stage is vital for integration into school and of course, for life. The concept of independence and its importance is included in the national Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines. These state that

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Free time during the school holidays

As teachers, we often see that children need their downtime by the time the school holidays arrive. Time off to kick back and avoid the usual rush of nursery and school life. Time to just be. As a parent myself,

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Preparing Your Child for Nursery

Keren shares her top tips on how to be prepared to start a new term with your toddler. This year is my fourteenth as a hands-on founder of a thriving chain of nurseries. I suspect I’ve settled in more than

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How to Boost the Creativity Inside Every Child

Don’t we all wish to have creative, independent, innovative and self-confident children? Being a mum and an educator led me to believe that as parents we should observe our children and allow their creative processes to evolve naturally.

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