Like all parents, my child is my soul, and leaving her anywhere was always hard.

But when we leave her at Keren, whatever the mood, we feel safe, and she is happy and learns so much.

It is perfect. She learns a ton, she is outside, she feels safe, she loves her teachers. Best judgment!

“It is perfect” AS

I highly recommend the nursery for early education as it provides a nurturing environment for my two kids.

The forest school activities engage their curiosity and foster their love for nature, promoting a holistic learning experience.

The tennis sessions not only teach them physical coordination but also promote teamwork and discipline.

The opportunity for them to play together in a safe and supervised setting encourages socialization and helps develop their communication skills.

The nursery’s focus on stimulating the kids’ minds through various activities ensures their cognitive growth and prepares them for future academic challenges.

Overall, it’s a fantastic place that prioritises the well-rounded development of young children.

“A fantastic place that prioritises the well-rounded development of young children” RK

Keren’s Nursery is incredibly welcoming and nurturing for children and parents.

We have had our 2 children at Keren’s (our daughter is still attending) and have had a great experience.

The space is divided in 3 levels occupied by different age groups. There is a strong educational focus especially in the older age groups where children learn to write their names and develop social skills or for the younger ones, be potty trained.

There are many events throughout the year where parents are invited to attend and where staff puts a lot of effort to prepare.

There are additional days off during Jewish holidays and Fridays are short days (ending at 12:30 in winter and 2:00 pm in summer) but there is no half-term break which somewhat makes up for it.

Communication with management has been very good so overall, we feel that our children are safe and taken care of at Keren’s and would definitely recommend it.

“Incredibly welcoming and nurturing” MM

My son has always been a very happy and confident child, but starting him in nursery as a first-time parent made me really anxious.

Since starting at Keren’s at 12 months of age he has never once cried when I dropped him into nursery even on his very first day without me. When he knows he has nursery he wakes up with excitement and can’t wait to get there to see his teachers who are overall amazing in every aspect.

The communication between the teachers and parents is ongoing throughout the day with messages and picture updates being sent.

During times when you’re feeling very nervous as a parent, they are always a message away with any updates on how my little one is doing.

The activities they plan for with my child and the whole class are age-appropriate, challenging and wonderful experiences.

My son is always greeted by name not only by his class teachers who care for him daily but the whole nursery staff. Keren’s Nursery Holland Park really is outstanding.

“Keren’s Nursery Holland Park really is outstanding” O.C.

Our kids love Keren’s Nursery.

They started in the baby room and run in everyday beaming. We’ve seen their confidence and independence develop over the last 3 years and believe the care, attention and activities organised by Keren’s teachers have contributed greatly to this.
We love the variety of activities offered, the focus on learning and celebrating cultures around the world, and in particular the focus on nature (planting seeds, baby chicks, animal visits) and outdoor activities, with tennis and forest school the highlights for us.

The nursery also has plenty of outdoor space: an alley, garden area and use of the large private square across the road. We love getting daily reports and pictures and seeing updates on the app.

The nursery closes early on Fridays, during a few Jewish holidays and a couple of weeks over summer, Christmas and Easter, however, a calendar is provided in advance. It can be challenging as working parents, but we see it as good preparation for school!

“Our kids love Keren’s Nursery” AD

We put our first child in Keren’s Nursery after our good friends told us how pleased they were with their experience there. We couldn’t be happier we did.

The staff at Keren’s are so kind and caring and show true compassion for the well-being of the children.

The curriculum is incredibly thoughtful and if you have any concerns about your child’s development, they take them very seriously and work with you to create a plan to support your child’s needs.

The food is healthy and varied and they take all precautions to ensure the safety of children with allergies.

hey have a wide array of fun activities for the kids every single day, and they send group as well as individual updates on the kids’ days, every day. T

he children love their teachers and the time spent at nursery.

Again, we couldn’t be happier with our choice to send our daughter to Keren’s, and with one on the way, we’ll want to send him there, too.

“We Couldn’t Be Happier” AM

Being an orchestra conductor requires listening to all the instruments,

Giving space to each instrument and getting the best out of each performer

and above all ensuring perfect harmony between the members of the orchestra.

August 2022

You are the teacher I wanted for my own childhood – a model a mentor. Thank you for who you are, for being an exceptional teacher and for loving our daughter with all your being.

from R.H.

Thank you so much for this morning and thank you for the personalised book………..I already cried twice! I don’t have enough words to describe my feelings. You did such amazing work this year and I can see the happiness and joy in Ava’s eyes every morning when we take her to the nursery. It’s a wonderful place for children to grow and develop. Thank you for the little message at the end of the book. I’ll keep it to show her when she grows up.

from D.B.

Sebastian really loves the food! Can I please have the recipes?

from I.R.

I feel so peaceful at heart whenever I leave Charles at the nursery. Kids get as much love as they need at Keren’s Nursery

from Y.C.

After a month of touring all over Bayswater and the Notting Hill area, I can surely say Keren’s Nursery in Holland Park was the place for us. I felt it right from the moment I stepped into the nursery for the first time. The nursery is new, designed carefully with thought behind everything. The staff are warm, professional and creative and they seek to enrich the children all of the time. My son’s adjustment was so smooth and he really enjoys his days there. As a mom for the first time, in a foreign country, I thought it would be hard to find a place that I completely trust, but I’m happy that I found this place which feels to me like home.

from L.K.