What Are the Terrible Twos?

Everyone has heard of the terrible twos; they’re mentioned with dread by parents with young children. But what are the terrible twos and what makes them so potentially ‘terrible?’ When Can the Terrible Twos Hit? This question is not as silly as you think. Parents often observe a noticeable change in their child’s behaviour when…

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You’ll Never Be Short of Activities with Keren’s Busy Jar

Keren’s Nursery “Busy Jar” Filled to the brim with ideas for different activities designed to support parents and children. The aim is to encourage children to work independently, or as a family unit, using age-appropriate tasks. These activities encourage a range of independent and family play. Some are pure fun designed to spark creativity. Others…

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Raising Independent Children

  Developing and encouraging independence in the early years’ stage is vital for integration into school and of course, for life. The concept of independence and its importance is included in the national Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines. These state that “every child should learn to be resilient, confident and self-assured.” Our role as parents…

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