Just like our children, teachers at Keren’s Nurseries are learning and developing all the time too. We run a comprehensive on-going programme of teacher training and development.

All teachers are qualified in the Occupational Therapy-based programme, Moving Matters.

Belsize Park

Tina Bloch, Area Manager

I have been working with pre-school children for the past 23 years. I joined Keren’s in November 2011 and I have been in Belsize since the beginning, in January 2012.

I have a foundation degree in Early Years Education, and I am also a qualified Forest School leader. I have a wealth of personal experience provided by my four children.

I love the way the nurseries are constantly striving to raise standards by adding to the variety of experiences the children are exposed to, such as Forest School sessions and our healthy lifestyles programme and the support Keren and Assaf give to such initiatives.

Diana Sacalus, Manager, Belsize Park

I have worked with children for the past 18 years, 11 of which here at Keren’s Belsize Park, having a career progression from nursery teacher to deputy manager.

Having studied Maths and Physics at university and working with children of all ages, I find working in Early Years the most rewarding as is so vital in shaping a young person’s life on so many levels.

What I love most about working with this age group is seeing the excitement on children’s faces when learning something new and the confidence with which they share their knowledge of the world as they see it. I hold a Level 3 qualification in childcare and I am a qualified Forest School Leader.

I am passionate about photography, traveling, cooking, and trying new cuisines.

I am a dedicated and passionate person with a strong commitment to fostering the holistic development of young children and making a positive impact on their learning by creating an engaging and nurturing environment.

Since 2015, I’ve been working with children at Keren’s Nursery, where I’ve built a strong foundation in child development and best practices. I am a qualified First Aid and CPR provider and hold a Level 3 qualification in childcare, assuring the safety and well-being of children in our nursery.

Working with young children brings me immense joy and fulfillment. Witnessing their growth and development as they explore the world around them is truly inspiring.

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Hampstead Garden Suburb

Yael Brown, Manager Hampstead

I was a childminder between 2010 and 2015 and qualified in level 3 childcare. I joined Keren’s in 2015. I have an additional level 5 in management and leadership in childcare workforce. I am designated safeguarding lead, and a forest school leader.

What I love most about my job is seeing the children learn every day and their faces smile. The fulfillment you get from working with children is like no other reward in a job. I love my colleagues and the atmosphere we create here each day. I love the freedom and support I get in regards to furthering myself professionally in my career.

Holland Park

Natalia Moldoveanu has worked in Keren’s Nursery since 2017 and has been in childcare since 2008. She has always loved working with children and really values the time she has spent in the profession, first starting as a nursery practitioner.

She holds a QTS and graduated with a degree in psychology and sociology as well as a Level 3 in management and leadership.

Natalia says “Working in a nursery is a job I am very grateful to have as my love for working with young children and bonding with staff will never end. For me, it is important that children grow up in a happy, loving environment and that the staff not only feel motivated and valued, but also help each other grow. The safety and happiness of the children and the wellbeing of the staff is my biggest priority. I am currently married with a wonderful 15-year-old daughter and in my spare time I love spending time with my family and friends, travelling and cooking.”

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